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What People are Saying about our Proofreading Class ...

I first met Beatrice Moritz when I took her legal proofreading course almost 18 years ago. Since then, Metroproof has tested thousands of proofreaders, and without a doubt those who score the highest have been trained by Moritz Legal Proofing. Bea's students have a clear understanding of the basics of legal proofreading, have a well-trained eye for detail, and possess a broad knowledge of advanced proofreading terminology. Moritz Legal Proofing is the only course we recommend!

Kevin Ruhl, Owner - Metroproof, Inc.

Jeffrey and I want to formally thank you for the excellent proofreaders you have referred to Staff One over the years. The candidates you have trained have always represented our service and your company well. Whenever applicants register at Staff One needing a brush-up or showing an interest in proofreading the only course we recommend is MORITZ LEGAL PROOFING - your results are superb.

Barbara Judd, President; Jeffrey Middleman, Vice President - Staff One

Thank you very much for a wonderful proofreading class. It was very informative and we all learned a lot. My department is now better prepared to conquer the proofreading world! You truly are excellent at what you do, and I will be sure to continue sending referrals to you.

Mary Beth Schmid - Forum Personnel

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that a former student of yours is now working here at Spotlight as a Traffic Proofer. Very nice and very sharp. Thanks again for all your help.

Timothy R. Hale, President, Spotlight Business Affairs, Inc. - Spotlight Business Affairs, Inc.

The company I work for has been using freelance proofreaders trained by Beatrice Moritz since the late 1980s. They have always been well-prepared and thorough. I highly recommend her two-day course.

Elinore S., proofreader - Weil, Gotshal & Manges

Class was fantastic -- thank you so much. I left in a daze of exhaustion on Friday and I can't recall having properly thanked you for designing such effective exercises and a truly *fun* class. It was well worth the course fee. I'm looking forward to putting what I've learned into practice on those employment agency tests.

Andrea K.

Thanks for looking out for your former students! I got hired by MetroProof over the summer...they were especially impressed by the fact that I graduated from your course.

Joseph Bertino
I can't thank you enough for all the great tips and help you've given me... I have worked at Clifford Chance and Wachtell, Lipton since taking your class!!

Pia Shah
I've just started a long-term proofreading assignment at Eisner LLP thanks to your referral. It is much appreciated!

Takwa Southerland

I thought you might like to know that I received a perfect score on the Capital Printer's exam. Kathy was stunned. When she asked where I had received my certification, I said it was from your class. She was no longer surprised. Once again, thanks for your help.

Richard Denoncourt
Just wanted to let you know that I landed a full-time editorial job ... in Newark (I started March 1). Everything I learned at Moritz Legal Proofing is coming in handy -- especially those dreaded citations! Please stay in touch, and thanks again for the great classes.

Romana Labrosse
So far the tests have gone well. I've passed the tests at O'Neill and Peak Legal, and I've already gone out on two 3rd shift jobs for O'Neill... Thanks again for the great class.

Ian Case

I am very happy with the results! I passed Peak Legal's exam, received a 96% accuracy rate from Wall Street Services and made only one mistake on Forrest Edwards' exam.

Andreea Azzola

>I just wanted to thank you. I took your class in the spring and everything has taken off from there. I'm working for Metroproof and Custom Staffing... You have a wonderful reputation and your class was very helpful and I wanted to let you know that.

Amy Artiste

I've signed up with the three places where I tested (Metro Proof, Peak and Forrest Edwards) and I did very well on the tests, thanks to your class.. they've already sent me out on three jobs. It's going well and I wanted to say thank you.

Paul de Cordova

I took your two-night legal proofreading course last summer -- it was very informative. FYI, I'm registered at 5 agencies.

Patricia D.

As a teacher, I found the extensive material the course covers extremely well-organized. The challenging in-class exercises often led to lively discussions of the concepts being addressed. The homework served as an excellent review of the in-class work. Ms. Moritz is a talented teacher: articulate, knowledgeable and generous. A wonderful course!

Bernice Mast

I took your class last month and right now I have just returned home from my first legal proofreading job. It was through Metroproof at a firm called Holland & Knight ... you can imagine how happy I am to have gotten that first job call and to be working again!! Your course has proved to be an excellent preparation, as I felt comfortable and familiar with the work even though it was my first time doing it. Thank you for your superb instruction.

Kevin M.

I just want to thank you for the course in legal proofreading. I found the class very informative and challenging. Thanks again for your instruction. I think it was very worthwhile to take this course rather than your competitors'.

Dorita S.

I took your course last January and I wanted to let you know that since then, I've been registered with Metroproof. They've been very good to me and have sent a lot of work my way, so thank you!

Linnea H.

I have had a quick e-mail of thanks to you on my list of things to do for many months now. I attended your seminar and promptly found good, supplemental proofreading employment. You were also kind enough at one point over the summer to refer me to another proofreading agency.

Jason L.

Thanks so much for your great class. I really appreciated how much you were able to offer us within a relatively short period of time, and your comments on our resumes and job prospects were very useful.

Kathy R.

Every time I mention [to employment agencies] that I took your course, I get a reassuring response.

Bill K., 5/21/04

I took your proofreading course just over a month ago and wanted to follow up in order to let you know that I have successfully signed up with about six new agencies, one of which is sending me out on regular assignments. You'll be pleased to know that, as a result of your excellently organized course, I have consistently scored an average of 90% to 95% on all temp agency and in-house law firm tests. Just wanted to let you know!

Aline D.

The class was excellent. Bea is an engaging and organized teacher. I found the homework especially helpful, and the 2-day format was key in my passing the tests and retaining the material. I worked within a month of taking the class, and felt very prepared. Thanks!

Lulu Brooks

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